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The CJB Rhodonite Gua Sha Stone

  • $48.00
Discover the transformative elegance of CJB rhodonite, the centerpiece of the Pocket Style collection designed by Cecily Braden. Your go-to for unlocking your natural glow, this innovative, lightweight gua sha gemstone provides a foolproof, travel-friendly skincare solution. Suitable for all skin types, it can be easily applied to skin contours to instantly tighten and tighten skin, renew facial structure, combat sagging skin, and brighten skin tone. It also effectively reduces dark circles, reduces puffiness, and smoothes wrinkles, giving you a youthful glow no matter where you live.

Gua Sha Stone Benefits:
Instantly firms and lifts
Renew facial contours
Reverse sagging skin
Diminish dark circles
Reduce puffiness
Minimize appearance of wrinkles (smoker, mimic and smile lines)
Promotes radiant complexion
Reduce dark spots
Blemishes and other skin problems

Rhodonite Benefits | by Judy Hall (Encyclopedia of Crystals)
Known as an “emotional healer, it helps nurture the inner self and promote unselfish self-love and forgiveness.”

It nurtures love, restoration and reinvigoration. Balances yin/yang and supports the clearing of emotional wounds and scars from the past. It brings you back to the center during stressful times, giving the soul the time it needs to heal.”

The shades and colors vary slightly, with natural threading and veins of differentiating color.

Style: Fire Quartz Ridges, Fire Quartz Smooth