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Enjoy the sun worry-free with our advanced sun protection, a non-toxic, reef-safe solution that allows you to enjoy the sun worry-free. It uses a clinically proven formula to reduce UV-related damage while delivering the essential health benefits of vitamin D absorption. Designed for complete protection of the entire body, including sensitive areas such as the scalp and eyes, Sun Defense is ideal for use alone or in combination with topical sunscreen to increase its effectiveness. During your outdoor activities with total protection, you'll be protected from the harsh effects of the sun while supporting the health of your skin and the environment.


Shake well, then take 5 pumps 1 hour prior to going outside (1.5 hours if there is any food in your stomach). If more than 175 lbs. take 7 pumps. Monitor sun exposure carefully. Take second dose if still in sun 3 hours after first dose. For extended intense exercise outdoors or if taking sun-sensitizing medications use alternative protection after 30 minutes.

-Full body protection
-Reduces damage related to UV exposure 

-Sun exposure
-Sunscreen allergies

Proprietary Liquid Fulvic Formation, 24K Edible Gold