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Elysian Rewind Vit C + Peptide Serum

  • $98.00

Introducing our revolutionary MEGA serum, a beacon in modern skincare designed to elevate skin's radiance and hydration to unprecedented levels. Enriched with a powerful blend of glycerin, white mushroom and white tea extracts, our serum stands out for its innovative approach to skin care. Enhanced with Oligopeptide-68, a powerful agent against hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage and acne, aim for a luminous, even complexion. Ideal for morning and evening use, this serum is a key factor in achieving smoother, firmer skin appearance, addressing wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin tones and scars. Perfect for mature or acne-prone skin, it combines vitamin C for maximum effectiveness and the calming effects of white mushroom and white tea extracts, targeting acne scars and hyperpigmentation for a flawless finish. Commit to your skin's health daily with this transformative serum and witness a visibly radiant transformation.


Spray Elysian HydroMist™️ before use and apply one pump on face and one pump on neck décolletage (chest).

Vitamin C / sodium ascorbyl phosphate: it treats acne, brightens skin, is anti-aging and has no side effects!
SAP is considered to be one of the more stable forms of the vitamin and is light-, oxygen-, and water-stable.

Vitamin C / 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid: an antioxidant and anti-aging ingredient. A more stable derivative of pure vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
3-O ethyl ascorbic acid is considered a more tolerable form of vitamin C

Oligopeptide-68: skin-brightening peptide

White Mushroom Extract: good hydrators in addition to being high in antioxidants

Oligopeptide-19: activate the repair mechanism of the skin.

White Tea Extract: fights against sun damage and will replenish firmness