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Epicutis Lipid Serum

  • $250.00
  • $275.00
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Experience the protective power of our serum, made with the patented TSC ingredient designed to protect your skin and improve its health. TSC, a powerful small molecule, fights inflammation, protects against UVA/UVB damage, offers antioxidant benefits, preserves collagen, and maintains the balance of the skin's microbiome. With a minimalist formula of just seven ingredients, our serum boosts hydration and refines skin texture for a smoother, more even complexion. Enjoy reduced redness, irritation, and a visibly healthier skin tone with this innovative solution.

All Epicutis products have a score of 1 from the Environmental Working Group (EWG). This means the ingredients are the cleanest you can get!


-Water: the base of our serum and creme and a universal solvent.

-Propanediol: functions as an emollient.

-Pentylene Glycol: a moisturizer.

-Glycerin (glycerol): naturally occurring alcoholic moisturizer that is used as a thickener in many emollient preparations.

-Sodium Hyaluronate: naturally occurring fatty acid polysaccharide found in connective tissues such as cartilage and ethically sourced from a fermentation product.

-TSC (Disodium tetramethylhexadecenyl succinoyl cysteine): our novel ingredient that has clinically proven anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.

-Pentasodium Pentetate: a chelating agent.

-Citric Acid: adjusts pH.