Elysian PigmentRx Tone Balancing Serum

  • $58.00

PigmentRx is formulated to help minimize hormonal or severe hyperpigmentation from inflammation (breakouts) without bleaching the skin. 

Ingredients such as licorice and mulberry extract assist to inhibit the over production of pigmentation being produced in the skin, while the powerful formulation with Kojic Acid helps to brighten and create a balanced complexion.

 Alpha-Arbutin inhibits tyrosinase, one of the major enzymes involved in the formation of age spots, melasma, sun damage and liver spots.

Pregnancy safe & Bree’s go to for melasma!

Key Ingredients:

- Kojic Acid (brightening)

- Alpha Arbutin (tyrosinase inhibitor)

- Licorice Root (anti-inflammatory)

- Mulberry Extract (antioxidant/brightening)